Are there other competing products in the market?

There are other manufacturers of “ozonators” that produce ozone, but none have been able to produce a fully integrated ozone system that efficiently and effectively produces ozone water like the patented technology in Rogers England Ozone System.


Their version of an “ozonator” involves feeding ozone into the water through a small plastic tube with air-stone (similar to the air bubble system in an aquarium). This is simply not effective as too little ozone is dissolved into the water, rendering the sanitisation ineffective with excessive ozone residues being overspilled into the air (many times above FDA safety standards).


With Rogers England Ozone System, an exclusive instant water-ozone mixing system technology enables the mixing to be undertaken within the tap body, effectively dissolving the ozone in the water with minimum spillage into the air. Besides being totally safe to use, this effective mixing mechanism also enhances the performance of the ozone water to deliver all the beneficial tasks mentioned in this brochure.


Rogers England Ozone System has been fully tested by third parties and is fully compliant to FDA safety standards (which state that ozone concentration “spillage” must be under 0.05ppm).

What is the running cost of the ozone system?

Daily power consumption is minimal (12V, 4.5 – 6 watts). Based on normal standby and ozone generation, the ozone generator uses just one unit of electricity* for about 150 hours of operations. Based on the average usage of a typical medical clinic in Hong Kong, the ozone generator would only need to be replaced approximately every 6 to 7 years.

* One unit of electricity is 1000W.

Is it complicated to install the ozone system?

No. You do not need to worry about the installation. Rogers England Ozone System is sold at an “all-inclusive supply & install” price. Upon purchase, arrangements will be made for our technicians to install the ozone system, connecting it to the existing water and power services in your premise. Where necessary, water filters will be provided to ensure water quality and the replacement of the filter cartridges will be covered under the two-year free maintenance and warranty period. Prior to installation, we may survey your premise to ensure that all relevant water and electrical services are available. If it involves additional costs, you will be informed in advance.

What about after-sales maintenance?
Our all-inclusive price includes free maintenance service and warranty for the first TWO years. Servicing will be carried out according to a set schedule, which includes the replacement of water filter cartridges. Except for damage through abuse/misuse or incorrect use, we will provide both labour and parts free of charge for two years.
What happens after the warranty runs out?
After the first two-year period, we will provide an “annual all-inclusive maintenance package” at a very reasonable rate.
What happens if I move to a new premise after installing the ozone system?
Our technicians can remove the ozone system and re-install the original tap. They can then install the ozone system in your new premise. A small fee will be charged for this service depending on location and intricacies involved.