Sparkling Water
on the Spot

Natura Water is the only water system of its kind that is capable of serving chilled sparkling water as well as chilled or room temperature still water on demand. Natura’s compact system is housed in a sleek counter top dispenser that connects directly to the water plumbing system.

Pure, Premium Taste

The Natura Water System serves purified still and sparkling water with better health and taste benefits when compared to most premium bottled water brands in the market today. The advanced filter system eliminates contaminants and bacteria while retaining thirst-quenching minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium.

The Greenest Water
on Earth

Order Natura water instead of conventional bottled water. Natura’s water-on-demand system and reusable glass bottles eliminate the need for transportation, manufacturing and disposal of bottled water, accounting for significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Creating Gourmet Water

Natura’s unique approach to “gourmet water” was first developed in Italy, where water, like wine, is considered an essential part of every meal.

Italy has the world’s highest per capita consumption of premium water – twice as high as in the US. Italians pay exceptionally close attention to the characteristics and taste of their water, and even match it to their wine and food selections.

It is in this environment that the superior Natura Water Purifying System was created.


Our Patented Technologies

Quality Guaranteed

Natura is produced and supported by OASIS International, a US manufacturer and a global leader in the design and manufacture of clean drinking water since 1910.

NASA & NanoCeram

Latest filtration technology developed with NASA that combines nano-filtration and electro-adhesion to eliminate bacteria.

Cleansed with Ozone

All glass bottles are thoroughly cleansed with Rogers England Ozone Water System before re-use. Ozone is one of the most effective anti-microbial disinfectant on Earth.

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