Ozone Water System

Revolutionising the way we use water!

Since the introduction of water taps centuries ago, only two significant advancements have been made – first, the invention of mixer taps to provide heated water, followed by domestic water filters to remove impurities in water. And now, Rogers England Ozone System is the third significant breakthrough!

The Rogers England Ozone System is a revolutionary technology that essentially involves converting O2 to O3 and then harnessing the power of ozone to disinfect and sanitise water for drinking, cleaning and washing.

Unlike conventional taps, water from our ozone system can be used directly on foods – as a food-safe disinfectant. No additional chemicals (which are potentially toxic) are needed. It is simply a more efficient, healthier and environmentally friendlier way of using water.

The Rogers England Ozone System is currently the first and only one using the patented technology. Our ozone system has been marketed in Europe, UK and USA – and is now available in Hong Kong and the Asian markets.

How does Rogers England Ozone System work?

By using our patented technology, we safely combine the tap with an ozone generator for the mixing of ozone water effectively and efficiently to meet the internationally recognised standards set by FDA. Our ozone system has also attained WRAS, NSF, cUPC, WaterMark and CE certifications.

Our ozone system comes with all the accessories in a complete package and can be easily installed on the kitchen sink, basin sink or work surface using standard water and power connections – allowing a quick and trouble-free installation for our technicians.

Behind the elegant and sleek design is a tap with high performance and wholesome benefits unmatched anywhere else in the market. Its unparalleled power as an anti-microbial disinfectant makes it a system that is ideal for households and premises where hygiene is paramount, i.e. medical and food & beverage establishments.

What are the benefits of installing an ozone system?

By washing under running water from the Rogers England Ozone System for 10 seconds you can:

  • Kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact. These include all common food pathogens: E.coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis-A, Legionella, Listeria and Shigellaas ozone is FDA approved for direct food contact application.
  • Remove chlorine residues and its unpleasant taste from tap water.
  • Keep produce and food ingredients fresh for up to three times longer by killing the micro-organisms that cause food spoilage, hence delaying the moulding and decaying processes.
  • Remove agricultural chemical residues and pesticides from vegetables and fruits.

  • Prolong the life of plants and cut flowers by eliminating the ethylene gas that is naturally produced through the normal ageing and decaying process. It also helps to reduce algae, fungi, mildew, spores and root rot.
  • Remove odours from shoes, clothes and pets.
  • Promote healthier skin on pets.
  • Eliminate the use of hot water and conventional sanitisers, hence saving on daily operational costs.

Rogers England Ozone System can be used to enhance practical applications as well as address hygiene and health issues across a broad spectrum of businesses that include hotels and hostels, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, schools and kindergartens, restaurants, food stores, florists, plant nurseries and nursing homes.

For personal health, ozone water is beneficial for healthier looking skin by keeping it free from germs and reducing the incidence of acne. It can also help to improve bacterial skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also excellent for washing sores, cuts and abrasions to prevent bacterial infection and for teeth cleaning to prevent tooth decay and halitosis.